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We create the built environment or architecture, and our responsibilities encompass everything that is involved in that endeavor. This includes articulating vision, developing a conceptual framework, experimenting with alternative approaches, validating spatial requirements, testing given assumptions, and generating valid strategies. These pursuits ultimately converge through a rigorous process of iteration based problem solving.

The Kezlo Group believes in a collaborative interdisciplinary design process that seeks innovation through an approach based on cultivating ideas, imagination, and ingenuity. Our working method is unique in that we develop creative solutions that are representative of the synthesis of design issues within a cooperative all-inclusive  environment.


Our team provides a full range of customized processes to meet our clients’ objectives.  Project delivery can be bundled and/or unbundled to reflect your exact needs.  This flexibility of execution coupled with the variety of services produces integrated cost effective solutions.  The following represents the primary scope of services that we can provide:


Architecture, interior design, graphic design

Strategic & master planning, land use development, site/building analysis

Space planning, facility assessment, code compliance

User interface, way finding, sense of place



Expand your total sum of knowledge and influence.  We seek energetic designers that can identify and address architectural challenges, create models that assess alternative approaches, and prepare visual documentation that can excite, stimulate, and invigorate our built environment.